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By the early 1970s South Asia's diverse textile heritage, a syncratic product of centuries of cultural interaction between the orient and west had already largely become extinct in the face of mass production and industrialization.
Starting with the few remaining aged embroiderers who had learnt their skills as young apprentices in the last vestiges of the Indian courtly tradition, Faiza Samee attempted to curate heirlooms- only to discover, much to my dismay, that many of the stitches, methods and even raw materials had already been lost. And so began the journey that has made us one of the foremost centres of expertise for intricate hand embroidery anywhere in the world.
Creating contemporary ensembles steeped in this cultural tradition has been a driving passion for Faiza Samee and the brand she created for the past three decades.
Our ambition, then, as now is to systematically reintroduce these skills in our workshops and disseminate them to a newer generation; simultaneously developing the aesthetic knowledge through extensive research, to intertwine them into complete, relevant and modern pieces.