10 Fashion Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Natasha Kundi

by Natasha Kundi

Exclusively for Studio by TCS

We, at Studio by TCS, have 10 ultimate fashion hacks for your daily life shenanigans. From removing lipstick off your dress to dazzling up a pair of shoes in no time, we know how to help keep up with your active lifestyle. These fashion hacks will surely save some precious time and money.

Remove a Lipstick Stain from Clothing

The ultimate fashion hack for removing lipstick from clothing is to use a can of hairspray. Spray the hairspray onto the stain and allow resting for up to 15 minutes. Use a clean cloth dipped in warm water and wipe the hairspray off. Wash the garment as usual. Always remember never rub a stain on your clothing as it deepens the stain.

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Removing Grease Stains from Clothing

Use your oily hair shampoo to remove greasy stains from any clothing. Rub a small amount of shampoo into the stain and leave it for up to 5 minutes. Then wash the item as you would normally wash it.  

Blisters With New Pair of Shoes

Do not stress about blisters and sore feet when wearing a new pair of shoes. The ultimate fashion hack is to wear a pair of thick winter socks. Place your feet into the shoes and use a hair dryer to blow hot air over the tight spots until your feet feel comfortable in them.

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Dazzle up Your Old Pair of Shoes

Add some dazzle to a pair of plain shoes by clipping on some vintage clip-on earrings. Instantly you will have a changed pair of shoes looking brand new.

De-Odorize Your Shoes 

Keep your shoes smelling fresh, especially the ones you wear every day. Throw in some baking soda in the shoe and leave it in the cupboard until next time you need to wear them. Baking soda is a natural de-odorizer and helps combat odour.

Pulling Up your Back Zipper

There is not always someone around to help you with pulling up your back zipper. Solve this problem by using a long thread or ribbon, put your dress on and hold the long thread or ribbon over your shoulder to pull it up.

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Keep Undergarments Smelling Fresh

One of the best hacking tips to keep your undergarment drawer smelling fresh is to place a lavender sachet in the drawer. Although lavender is not every body's favourite fragrance, try to use any smell you like. You can also place your favourite perfumes in the same drawer as your under garments so they can smell exactly how you want.

Remove Yellowish Colour from White Clothing Items

Taking out a white shirt from the cupboard after a long time of not wearing it, can  leave it yellow. Take some lemon juice and spritz it on the shirt prior to washing. This helps to make the shirt look sparkling white again.

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Have a Hem Emergency

You have your favourite dress on but the hem is starting to come lose. Use a hot glue gun or double sided tape to pinch the hem together.

Washing Your Delicates

One of the best ultimate fashion hacks to keep your delicates looking great while washing in the washing machine is to place them in a mesh bag and throwing it in with your normal washing.  This saves them from colour fast garments and very hot temperatures. Its also saves time from hand washing them separately. 

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Natasha Kundi is a Top British Beauty & Fashion Blogger. She is the official blogger for Cannes Fashion Festival and a regular contributor to the Award Winning Beauty Blog: ReallyRee.

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