3 Most Fashionable Things to Do With Friends on a Weekend

Natasha Kundi

by Natasha Kundi

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With summer in full swing, what better way to celebrate it by having friends over to your home for a fashionista day. Forget about indulging in food or visiting shops, Studio by TCS has three of the most fashionable things you can do with your friends over the weekend.   

Wardrobe Detox

Engage in a wardrobe detox as this is the best way to get your closet sorted out while friends are there. Your closet may be bursting at the seams so your friends are the best people to honestly tell you what you really need to get rid of. Spread clothes out and sort them into piles on the bed. Sort the clothing into items not worn for a year, clothing that does not fit and ones that annoy you. You may find that the clothing you are trying to rid off is suitable for one of your friends to wear. This way you can get your wardrobe organised and your friends get new clothing items to wear.

fashionable things to do with friends

Have A Stylist Party

After detoxing your wardrobe, partake in a style party. Have an unforgettable night by inviting a professional wardrobe stylist. Arrange that each of your friends bring one of their favourite outfits and five items they need help with on styling. The stylist will help you and your friends create new outfits to wear with the items they brought to the party. The stylist will give you great tips on how to wear clothing and give each one a personal style consultation. Each one will walk out with experience and new ideas on how to buy clothing, save money, and to shop smarter. 

You can also use personal stylist services available online.

fashionable things to do with friends

Share Fashion Ideas

Now that you have received all the professional help provided by a personal stylist, its time to share your fashion ideas with each other. Share helpful tips to match clothing with your friends. Here is some ideas you can share:

  • Take out all your unstitched clothes and discuss how you would like them to be custom made.
  • Decide next time you're out, which new shopping places you would like to hang out at.
  • If someone has an important event coming up, help them decide what clothes and accessories to buy.
  • Discuss the Do's and Don'ts of Fashion as per your personal experiences.
  • Talk about kids fashion in case you are a group of fashion savvy mums.

There is no need to spend too much money to enjoy a great weekend with friends, you can also do it at home.

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