Best Travel-Friendly Pieces For Your Suitcase

by Natasha Kundi

Exclusively for Studio by TCS

Summer holidays will be arriving very soon. It's that time of the year when a lot of people travel north for a change of air. The weather is beautiful up north and even more amazing are the breathtaking views.

With the Pakistani travel industry booming, we see many international travel bloggers recording their trips on Instagram and proudly praising the beauty and hospitality of the Pakistani people.

A long holiday can be heaven, but packing for it is a hassle sometimes so you need to plan ahead of time.

Studio by TCS has you covered with some travel-friendly pieces to consider for your holiday. Each of these pieces are flexible and helps maximize space.

Add some mixture to your travels with the latest Generation’s addition, the Ajrak Jama Dress. This dress has all the flare you need for a winning combination. With the hanging tassels and black print, you can pair it with a pair of jeans or wear in on its own. Combined with the Mahin Hussain Maalish Sling Bag it makes for a comfortable casual wear when roaming around town.


travel friendly pieces

The Mahin Hussain Maalish Sling Bag is extremely versatile to use while travelling. This retro inspired bag is available in an off white colour and comes to life with the well-liked Punjabi film dialogues which fit in with the majority of clothing wear. The tote bag made with cotton has sequined hand embroidery with a button closure and zip pocket inside that is also perfect for the beach.


travel friendly pieces

The Shamaeel Ansari Silk Tunic, digitally printed with the embroidery scarf, is another option in case you are not a big fan of eastern western fusion. It's modest and great for those who like to wear a hijab.

travel friendly pieces

Another, travel-friendly piece you can consider is the Mahin Hussain Peshawari Yellow Chappal Sling Bag that is part of a limited edition. When buying this exceptional item, you also support the Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP), which aims to preserve Pakistani history. Made with canvas and a top zip, this bag fits all the essential items you need when visiting interesting hot spots on your vacation.

travel friendly pieces

On the other hand, the Sapphire Blue Cotton Embroidered Scarf fits in with any casual to formal wear with very traditional embroidery. Alternatively, depending on where you are heading for your vacation, the Amishi Luxurious Cashmere & Fur Trimmed Scarf makes for a great stylish accessory. This glamorous piece is elegant for both day and evening attire and is available in 3 colours.


travel friendly piecestravel friendly pieces

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