How to Pick the Right Accessories to Match Your Outfit

Natasha Kundi

by Natasha Kundi

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Accessories can make or break your outfit. So how do you pick the right accessory to match with your outfit? Follow these simple steps and you will look like a star for any occasion. Studio by TCS has a wide selection of accessories designed by top designers.

Step 1: Check the size of the jewelry piece

The important thing to remember when choosing a piece of jewelry is to view the focal point as you and your outfit need to achieve the goal. For example, you may layer your necklaces but keep your focal point on the length of the necklace. The jewelry piece must not give the illusion that your neck looks extra short or long.

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Step 2: Match the jewelry with your outfit and occasion

The jewelry you wear to the office needs to be different to the one you wear out to an event. You do not want to be working on the keyboard and the bracelet hanging on the wrist prevents you from working. Choose pieces that are eye-catching like a dazzling brooch or a pendant or tiny earrings. However, it may not be suitable for a meeting so stick to very simple pieces.

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Step 3: Match the jewelry with your skin tone

The pieces of jewelry you choose needs to fit with your outfit and help enhance your skin tone. For a natural skin tone, choose metals and gems such as gold, sapphire, silver, etc. If you have a matte skin with dark hair gold looks stunning compared to silver. The colour of the skin, eyes, and hair are important characteristics when selecting jewelry pieces to wear.

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Step 4: Choose jewelry pieces you can wear with different fashion wear

The pieces of jewelry you own must complement different fashion items you wear. Choose several original jewelry pieces you can mix and match to wear from the desk to a dinner without the need of changing them. Not only should it mix and match with any outfit it needs to add value to what you are wearing. Never over-accessorize.


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