Glam Up Your Eid! (Bari Eid)

With Bakra Eid just around the corner, you might be looking for the perfect outfits to wear during the glorious celebration to commemorate Ibrahim's (as) dedication to Allah. Each year, millions of people celebrate Bakra Eid with prayer, sacrifice of animal meat and the exchanging of gifts. It’s celebrated differently in different parts of the world, but typically it’s a three or four day celebration to commemorate the momentous sacrifice Ibrahim was willing to make.

If you’re looking to buy some new outfits in time for the celebration, Studio by TCS can help you glam up your Bakra Eid! Today we’re going to take a look at the beautiful range they have available and suggest some stunning outfits for you to consider.

eid clothes


For many people celebrating Bakra Eid is a time to go all out and express their gratitude to Ibrahim and Allah himself. If you love vibrant colours and would love to find an outfit to reflect that, Studio by TCS have these stunning items available:

  1. Show your beautiful vibrant side with this Teal Bonanza Satrangi two piece set. With the beautiful teals, pinks and purples, beautiful embroidery and light fringe, you’re bound to stand out from the crowd in the vibrant yet elegant set.

  2. Alternatively, you can choose the Orange Bonanza Satrangi if orange is more your colour. The embroidery and fringing is slightly different compared to the teal version, but still just as beautiful and vibrant - just like you.

  3. This beautiful Saffron set will certainly turn heads at Bakra Eid. Intricate and mesmerising designs on a burnt orange base tunic with matching dupatta and trousers will leave you feeling - and looking - glamorous during celebrations.

  4. If you’re looking for a complete outfit that will stand out from the crowd, this Day Dream set by Studio TCS is perfect for you. This stunning set includes a lawn embroidered front, printed back & sleeves, printed bember dupatta, dyed trouser, embroidered lace, and an embroidered motif. Look no further for a fully glamorous and vibrant set!


If vibrancy isn’t really your thing and you’d much prefer something more delicate, then that’s absolutely fine too! Studio by TCS have many different outfit designs, including these sweet and charming sets:

  1. This 2 piece Hoor B will bring out the soft and delicate side of your personality. With a beautiful lightweight white shirt with embroidered sleeves and base, the delicate pinks, purples and a touch of blue pair beautifully for this set. Matching dupatta comes with the shirt to compliment the embroidery on the shirt and complete this beautiful piece.

  2. This Bittersweet Beauty combines elegance, delicacy and beauty into one outfit. Made from maysuri, this three piece set of shirt, dyed trousers and dupatta is all any woman needs for a delicate yet stunning piece for Bakra Eid.

  3. Don’t let the beautiful patterns on this Pink Jazzy piece throw you off course. With bold fringes and embroidery, this one piece set will pair well with any trousers from slim fit to flares. The flowered patterned design gives the delicate impression that your friends and family will love.

  4. If you’re looking for something simple, delicate and elegant, this Pink Jacquard Kurti piece is everything you’re looking for. With a stunning pink base and gold overlay and fringing, this is everything you’ll need for Bakra Eid. Pairs beautifully with white flared trousers.


Bakra Eid is the perfect time to show your womanly side, so if you’re looking for something a little more feminine, take a look at these outfits:

  1. This simple yet gorgeous Mustard Aquarelle is the perfect piece for a woman that’s showing off her feminine side. Patterned with flowers and leaves, and beautifully finished with a slight fringe, this piece is everything you’ll need for Bakra Eid.

  2. Floral and patterned prints are the epitome of feminism, and this Azure set ticks all of the boxes. In the set comes a beautifully patterned azure tunic shirt with matching dyed trousers and dupatta, as well as an embroidered neck patch to finish the look. Perfect if you’re looking for a whole outfit in one!

  3. Much like the Pink Jacquard Kurti in the delicate section, this Maroon Jacquard Kurti piece is quite literally everything you’ve been looking for if you’re looking for a feminine piece for Bakra Eid. This stunning maroon shirt with gold accents with sheer windows in the sleeves and trunk, you’ll look and feel absolutely beautiful.

eid clothes


Comfort is everything, especially when you’re celebrating Bakra Eid over the space of three or four days. However, comfort doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style either, so here are Studio by TCS’s most comfortable yet beautiful outfits:

  1. Red Glorious Red is a stunning lightweight printed shirt that’s perfect for Bakra Eid, especially if you’re rushing around making sure that everyone else is okay too. Style is far from sacrificed in this beautiful shirt with decorative print embroidery on the sleeves, neckline and base of the shirt.

  2. This Medallion set screams comfort with the embroidered shirt, matching dupatta and trousers as well as an embroidered motif. Look incredible while feeling comfortable at Bakra Eid.

  3. Comfort doesn’t mean you can’t still choose vibrant colours! This Green Seagrass is a beautifully vibrant shirt that will pair well with any type of trousers. Note how the stunning greens, pinks and purples work well together to create this beautifully comfortable yet stunning shirt.

Pairs well with any colour

We all need items of clothing that will pair well with any colour and luckily, Studio by TCS can offer that to you too!

  1. This beautiful Beige Jacquard Suit has stunning embroidery that’s a mix of all of these categories: vibrant, delicate, feminine and comfortable. It comes as a set, but the trousers could be switched out for any of the delicate colours on the shirt and shawl. And, because of the colour scheme will pair well with any and all of your gold jewelry.

As you can see, there are a plethora of ways you can glam up your Eid depending on your style and comfort levels!

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