How to Dress According To Your Body Shape

Natasha Kundi

by Natasha Kundi

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Its not easy to follow the latest fashion trends as they keep on changing. Knowing your body shape and type can easily help you choose the best styles. It not only helps you look elegant but also helps you save time and money. Here at Studio By TCS, we have a mini guide to consider some things next time you hit the mall. 

Establish and Embrace

The first step is to figure out your body type by considering your best features.

The shape of your body is about proportion and fashion is all about dressing up your body focusing on your weight or height. For example, a short woman can have the same body shape as a taller woman. It is not always about looking thin, but more about emphasising what you already have to feel your best in any outfit.

There are five categories the apple, hourglass, pear, rectangle and wedge shape. Once you determine your unique body shape, you can then put the following fashion tips to work:

The Apple Body Shape

Here you will find that most of the weight is found in your upper torso. Your best features are your legs and the best way to accentuate your body is your legs. Choose dresses with V-necks to elongate your figure. Alternatively, wear a dress with an empire hem and a structured jacket with it.

The Hourglass Body Shape

Your body trait is that your hips and shoulders are alike and you have a tiny waist. You will find that your best assets are your curves so go ahead and show them off. Choose to clothe with a fitted top half that hugs your waist. Wear dresses with V-necks or necklines that can slim down your bust. Accessorise your dress with belts to highlight your waist.

The Pear Body Shape

The lower body is normally wider than the upper body (meaning your hips are wider than the shoulders and your bottoms more rounded than your waist.) Your best assets are your shoulders and torso. Emphasize on your arms and waist to add volume to your upper body. Make sure that the dresses you wear accentuate your shoulder and waist. Look at dresses with interesting hemlines that makes your hips look slim.

The Rectangle Body Shape

Here you will find that your hips, shoulder, and waist have the same width and your best assets are your arms and legs. Show off your slender legs and arms by wearing sweetheart necklines to add some curves. Alternatively, you can wear body hugging dresses with side slits and belts to define your waist.

The Wedge Body Shape

This shape features a broad chest, wide shoulders, and narrow hips and waist. Your legs are your best asset and best to accentuate your lower body while softening your upper body. If you have great, arms and shoulders wear strapless dresses or tops and add a fabulous belt to show off your tiny waist.


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