How to Keep The Dressing Table Organised

Natasha Kundi

by Natasha Kundi

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We at Studio by TCS know there is one little place called heaven at home that many of us overlook: The Dressing Table. However, this small space becomes unorganised in no time. So how do you keep your dressing table organised and looking great all the time? Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

Keep The Top Clear

Place a jar for your brushes and pretty accessories on the top without overcrowding the space. Use transparent boxes to display your perfume and exhibit your gorgeous jewellery pieces. As you know, leaving them packed away in boxes prevents you from wearing them. They lay in the drawer out of sight place them in trays making it simpler to decide which accessory you want to wear today. In addition, it makes your dresser look pretty. Add fresh flowers and your small heaven becomes a sanctuary for you to enjoy each day. 


Keep The Dressing Table Clean

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the top section of the dresser every day after finishing your hair and makeup. This helps to keep your relaxing space looking great to use daily. For the inside of the drawers, buy beautiful paper with neutral tones and give them a pop of colour.

organise your dressing table

Organise The Items

Keep your hair appliances, makeup, jewellery, and perfumes in separate drawers. A great tip is to drill a hole in the back of the hair appliance drawer. Place a power board on the inside of the drawer attached with Velcro for ease of access. Plug your hair dryer appliances in when needed, fold the cord when not in use and close the drawer. To prevent heat build-up, you can place a silicone cookie sheet to place the warm appliance.

Use Makeup Storage

Keep your makeup you use on a daily basis in the top drawer by organising them in a makeup caddy that stays in the drawer. Use acrylic containers for your cotton buds and pads.


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