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Natasha Kundi

by Natasha Kundi

Exclusively for Studio by TCS

Getting up early and deciding what to wear to work is one of the many struggles of a woman’s life. We are here to make this job easier by recommending you our top picks for office wear. Below are four ways to change things up and style yourself easily for work and never be late.

Miss Monochromatic

Black and white never goes out of fashion. Style yourself with the timelessly gorgeous Sania Maskatiya Cotton Net Self Printed Jacket to look the classiest from your work crew. This outfit is our top pick when we need something simple yet graceful for workdays. Pair it with a red lip and you’ll be turning heads.

Pop of Colour:

As appealing as black and white outfits are, everybody needs a hint bright and prominent colour once in a while to change the mood. Mahin Hussain Yellow Peshawari Chappal Sling Bag would be the perfect pop of colour to add to your style. This light and colourful attire works flawlessly for your workdays during summertime.


Beige Boss:

Alkaram Studio Beige Digitally Printed Lawn Shirt can be your go-to outfit when you’re looking for something with a professional touch and soft colours. Its elegant yet intimidating. It screams bossy! Nude heels with a red base is the perfect partner for this outfit to complete your boss lady look.

Covered Chic:

If modesty and grace is what you’re looking for in office wear, Aywa London Haifa Hand Crafted as a One Off Piece would be the perfect look for you. This stunning one off allows you to stay trendy while maintaining your modesty when you head out to conquer the world.

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