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Natasha Kundi

by Natasha Kundi

Exclusively for Studio by TCS

We here at Studio by TCS are proud to add more and more footwear collections, by well known designers, to our site. 

The Soma International Collection has a wide selection of bespoke ballet flats, leather sandals and loafers. If you need the best pair of handmade footwear, you can find it in this fine collection. We love all the designs but here are some suggestions that you can choose to complete your outfit.

The Bantas Green Embellished Sandals

Bantas Green Sandals is handmade with precise stitching and love. These genuine leather shoes can give flair to any outfit in your wardrobe. For comfort, the lining has a cushioned insole and handmade to order. One important thing to remember is that each pair of Soma shoes fits better when its new so its best to choose a size up for extra comfort.

The Baby Pink Coral Hand Crafted Footwear

For a timeless yet modern styled pair of shoes, the Baby Pink Coral Hand Crafted Footwear is great to wear in summer. From stitching, cutting of the leather to embroidery, all is done by hand. The floral print looks superb while the leather sole is durable and lightweight on the feet. You can wear these shoes out for the day or a wedding. However, remember these shoes are made to order.

The Light Golden Rubempe Crystal Cross Footwear

Need something classier yet simple, the Light Golden Rubempe Crystal Cross Sandals are perfect. With the fun and classic look, the crossover strap has an embroidered touch. The sandals are elegant and you can wear it to work or any type of event. A standout is the durable stitching and leather structure of the shoes. While the inner soles cushioned and comfortable to wear all day long.

More Elegant Pieces In Soma Collection Can Be Found Right HERE


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