Why khussa's are this summer's must have accessory?

Finding the perfect footwear when it comes to the summer time can be difficult. You need something comfortable that’s not going to rub when your feet get warmer in the summer heat, yet you want a beautiful shoe that’s going to compliment your outfits and simply look amazing. Multani Khussa or simply Khussa (Urdu: کُھسّہ‎), is a style of Saraiki handcrafted footwear produced in Multan, Pakistan, and have become very popular in fashion wear all around the world. Today we’re going to talk about why khussas are this summer’s must have fashion accessory and why you’d absolutely love them.

Beautiful designs

The first thing anyone looks for in a shoe is the design, and khussas definitely don’t disappoint in this department. With a range of styles, materials and colours, you’re bound to find the right kind of khussa for you. Because khussas often have gemstones, sequins and beading incorporated into the design, they can take any outfit up to the next level. You can choose from almost any colour you can dream of and find the ideal pair of shoes for you.

Want something delicate and feminine to dress up your outfit? We recommend these Soma Gold Sunny khussas. They will pair well with almost any outfit, from casual jeans and a shirt to a summer dress, these shoes will compliment whatever you’re wearing.

Why khussa's are this summer's must have accessory

Looking for something you can wear to the beach or on vacation? These stunning Nadiya Kassam shoes with delicate beads and gemstones will match well with any beach or vacation wear in a hot climate.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that are suitable for work, these simple yet beautiful Soma Kundan pumps will pair well with any skirt or pant suit getup. Who says professional wear can’t be glamorous too?

Comfortable to wear

The second thing people take into consideration when buying new shoes is how comfortable they’re going to be, especially when you’re wearing them for long periods of time. Khussas are handcrafted with high-quality leather, which unlike most leather shoes not only promises longevity, but khussas mold themselves to the shape of your feet for optimal comfort.

Take these eye catching Flamincino Yellow for example. With most other shoes with this design, you’re likely to experience discomfort around the toes and the heel no matter how much you wear in the shoes. With khussas, once you have broken in your shoes, they will become more comfortable the more you wear them! Pro tip: it’s recommended to break your shoes in by wetting your feet slightly and walking around the house with them on before wearing them out. This will help break them in and begin the comfortable experience that khussas will give.

Even with slip on khussas like these Lily Gold shoes, once you have broken the khussa in, they will become more and more comfortable with time and wear. This is because of the high-quality leather used in handcrafting these stunning shoes, whereas other manufacturers use faux leather and plastics which are less than comfortable.

Pair well with many outfits

The third thing people look for when shopping for shoes is how well they will pair with typical outfits you’d wear. As briefly mentioned above, khussas can dress up any casual outfit or compliment even the smartest outfit. Traditionally, khussas are worn on special occasions, but you can use them for comfortable, stylish and unique everyday shoes.

Not sure what kind of footwear to pair with your cream dress at a friend’s wedding? These Light Golden Moon Dust khussas would pair perfectly, giving you all day comfort without compromising on style. Note the delicate patterned gemstones to glam up your stunning outfit to the next level and the low heel to prevent any aching feet after a night of dancing.

Need some comfortable everyday shoes that are going to be suitable for driving and walking a considerable distance? These Black Check Multi Kolapuri are perfect everyday shoes that will stay in place when you need to use your feet for many different things. With a subtle yet cute design, your feet will be comfortable and cool while driving or walking!

Why khussa's are this summer's must have accessory

Keep your feet cool

Speaking of keeping your feet cool, the last thing you want in the summer heat is sweaty feet. Many brands with similar designs and shaped shoes will cause your feet to sweat, making the shoes slippery and cause them to rub and blister your feet. This is simply down to the lower quality materials used in everyday wear shoes. Khussas are made from high-quality leather that mold to the shape of your feet over time, therefore won’t cause your feet to sweat in the summer heat and will stay in place without causing blisters.

If you’re looking for a simple shoe for the school run during the summer, these stunning Red Leather Khussas will keep your feet cool while you’re rushing around to pick the children up from school. No compromise in slipping, sweating or rubbing!

Or, if you’re looking for some comfortable shoes that will not only compliment your outfit but also keep your feet cool while entertaining guests, these Emerald Newbury Lights khussas will keep your feet light and airy while tending to your guests - all while looking amazing.

Many different styles

Finally, with many other types of shoes you’ll find that they all look fairly similar. Boots for example are all uniform and only differ by heel height, colour and buckles. However, with khussa shoes you can choose from a wide range of styles to suit your personal style and needs. From simple thong flip flops to beautiful and exotic designs like these Sea Angels, you’re bound to find the right kind of khussa for you.

As you can see, there are a plethora of reasons why khussas are this summer’s must have accessory. Keep your feet comfortable, cool, and never worry about dull outfits again thanks to the khussa shoe. You can explore the wide range here at Studio by TCS to find the right shoe for you.

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