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Longer, flowing silhouettes, intricately worked dupattas, deeper, richer colours and traditional Pakistani craftsmanship is what’s in store from Nida Azwer’s Atelier in the coming months.

Nida Azwer, started designing in 2005 only one month after she graduated from the prestigious Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture. From day one she stressed the importance of developing and refining Pakistan’s sartorial heritage. She has done much to revive traditional textiles and complex needlework. Inspired from interior Sindh’s old age embroideries, Azwer meticulously reinvented stitches such as the Hurmich, Seesha Tanka, Moti Tanka and Heera Tanka on fine quality organza and silk. She also employedfemale embroiderers, creating essential job opportunities for women in rural areathat provided them with independent incomes.

However conventional the craftsmanship might be, Nida Azwer’s silhouettessuit the modern woman to a teeHer triangular kurtis for example can beworked with a variety of pants or shalwars and are great basics for any wardrobe.

The quintessential Nida Azwer woman is chic and classyThe brand isknown for its elegant lines which are superbly realised in signature angharkas. Azwer likes to incorporate unexpectedly modern twists; you may find 3D embroidery on a classic angharka or faux fur on a sari border.

Azwer only uses natural fabrics – Irish linen, hand-woven silks, brocadeand french lace being major favouritesAnimals are a recurring theme in her collections; phoenixes, peacocks, birds and elephants take flight inNida’s outfits alongside an exploration of miniature work.

These days Nida is busy bringing back the Dupatta to Pakistani fashion –something we saw less and less of as Pakistani women moved to modern dressingYou can buy these attractively embroidered old school duptattas separately on the Studio by TCS website or combine them with an outfit in a contrasting colour.

Check out for the best of Nida Azwer. If you’re lucky you will also find some pieces from previous collections on sale!

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