Playing it Cool

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Playing it Cool

Okay we get it. Pakistan fashion, especially of the after 9 variety is all about celebrating the OTT. Pehno aur dikhao. The more elaborate the embroidery, the greater the gharara’s flourish, the more head-turning the fashion statement, the more it will sell.

But in the midst of all this froufrou there are some designers or even the odd piece here and there in a collection which politely appeals for some serenity. Play it again Sam but this time play it cool, calm, collected.

Sleek is not dead. It’s still fashionable and it’s still a magnet. As Natacha Ramsay Levi at Chloe said of her new 2018 collection: "You never get too much into one direction. You always balance more.” So yeah balance is key. And additionally as Jonathan Anderson at Loewe pointed out we need to bring calmness back to fashion. Hallelujah!

Sophisticated silhouettes will always be alluring. So if you’re fed up of the overkill turn to some of our more understated designers. I’d start with Natasha Kamal who drapes and styles to perfection with elongated profiles. While everyone is dressed to slay why not dress with a wee bit of class? And yes she manages to combine comfort with elegance.

Lahore designer Hussain Rehar is not exactly known for minimalism but he has a great feel for an elegant cut now and then. Look at the lean and long lines of the outfits below and you will know what I mean.

Deepak Perwani’s more affordable range also makes interesting use of digital prints and whispery textures that fall beautifully. And Nadya Shah’s fitted jackets are a smart choice for long social lunches in the garden.

Even Asim Jofa, normally quite dramatic, has a few sleek kaftans that spell relaxed glamour. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Studio by TCS website for the ultimate in haute and cool!

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