Shaadi Style For Less

So we know you always have an eye on the latest Pakistani fashion. But what makes for more affordable glamour? Especially in the festive season (yes weddings ka scene ab bhi on hae!) when we all need to attend a dozen events but the wallet is looking far slimmer than one would hope.

High end fashion doesn’t come cheap and we know that you’re going to have to really shelve out the dough for something from the Ali Xeeshan bridal collection. But designer prices do vary and if you’re wise, you can pick up a whole wardrobe of head-turning shaadi-wear outfits for far less than you would imagine. 

For instance, while Deepak Perwani bridal wear sells for over £1000 he has also gone for more sustainable price points this season with simply fab velvet kurtas. Not only do the embroidered designs look fashionably rich and ultra glam but at £212-245 a piece they are an absolute steal.

Coming in a wee bit over around £219-268 is Hussain Rehar. No, not from the current collection but if you’re willing to go back in time to about a year ago, you can pick up one of his mod squad outfits for a different and more contemporary take on wedding-wear. Not exactly a predictable choice for a mehndi but definitely dressy enough to make you stand out in a sea of shararas. East-west fusion also works well with Macramé – who have some fashionable options with a £160-275 price tag.

If you are looking for a more traditional style there is Insam which has a collection of angharkhas, lehngas and more priced from £177-250.

Still feeling the pinch? Try out Asim Jofa who has done an entire collection of dhamakay daar clothes priced at under £100-150 each. In particular, there’s a totally glitzy red ghagra paired up with a blue choli that will help you steal the limelight from the bride.

Also take a look at Khas stores, known more perhaps for their lawn ensembles but they have a few attention-grabbing velvet shirts at only £52-65. Sifona has a wider quite jazzy range, all rather generously priced at about £50. You really couldn’t ask for more for less!

So what are you waiting for? Start browsing at!

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