Studio Turns 2

Studio turns 2!

By Sahar Ahmed,

Director, Studio by TCS


It was a simple but milestone idea. The goal was to make Studio by TCS the platform through which Pakistani brands became easily accessible across the world.


With e-commerce becoming big globally and interest in Pakistani designs rising in many parts of the world, TCS saw the limited platforms available, as an opportunity which would not only benefit the Pakistani diaspora worldwide but contribute to building the Pakistani fashion industry and economy.


And so Studio by TCS was born on Feb 6th 2017 as the FIRST multibrand Pakistani fashion platform targeted towards a global audience. Studio was envisioned as a showcase of carefully curated collections from an array of Pakistani designers that were only a mouse click away. We were focused on bringing the best of Pakistani fashion to your doorstep.


Though we started under the umbrella of TCS, we were and still are a startup with a small team of professionals. I think that’s one misconception mostly everyone has about Studio by TCS – we started with a team of 5 people in Feb 2017 and have only expanded to 7 people in 2019 – we don’t have a fancy office or unlimited budgets – the 7 of us do everything from designing the website, marketing to our customers and following up with customer service, getting the outfits from various designers, conducting quality control, shipping, fulfilling orders – and that’s only the half of it!


Each one of us has a specialized skill set but have become jack of all trades because all our roles and responsibilities overlap. If the customer needs us – we’re here!


Most of all, the aim of Studio by TCS is to make each one of our customers feel special – to know that they are in good hands when they order from our website. You may be planning your dream wedding or you may be looking for the perfect piece to wear for a dinner – we liaise with you and the designer to get you exactly what you need in the fastest time possible.


Over the past two years, we have gone from taking baby steps to some leaps and bounds – be it advising customers on what suits the occasion through blogs and finally a new online magazine called Pep or hunting out exciting new designers to add to our portfolio that we just know you will love. Do watch our 2nd anniversary video here – it gives you an idea of what we’ve managed to achieve over these 24 months.


The customer has always remained and always will remain our number one priority. Everything we do, we do for you! Thank you so much for all the love you have given us in return. We hope to continue to learn more about what you are looking for and consistently try to exceed your expectations.

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