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Vanessa Heaney is an exciting, new, London-based jewellery designer. Vanessa makes unique, one-off creations using carefully selected, beautiful, semi-precious and precious stones, silver and gold. She also designs limited edition collections. Vanessa uses stones that she loves and many of them are handcarved for her bespoke designs. Texture and colour are central to her work. Vanessa has a fine jewellery range as well as a wide selection of goldplated silver jewels. Vanessa is very artistic. Some of her earliest memories are of going to painting and life drawing classes with her grandmother. Her urge to create, and her love of stories and adventures, led to a career in international radio. She brought back stones from her many travels around the world. Always looking for new challenges, she studied jewellery-making so that she could transform them into jewels herself. We are proud to carry some of Vanessa's most popular designs.