Dress-over-pants make it back on International runways

Our Pakistani designers can give them a run for their money!

Recently Samantha Sutton of Instyle announced the return to the runway of the dress-over pants look, (https://www.instyle.com/fashion/clothing/dress-over-pants-fashion-trend), “With a few quick switches”, she says, “this trend can look effortless, comfy, and cool — aka the vibe, we're going for at the moment”. The danger she cautions is to fall into frumpy rather than trendy. If there is one look we Pakistanis can do better than Milan, London, New York, or Paris: This is it! Frumpy? Not even under a mango tree on a summer’s day in Multan! Dress-over-pants? We’ve got this!

The Dress:
The kaftan: Kaftans (they deserve their own blog!) abound on the runway this season. From Faiza Samee’s beautiful silks in jeweled colours to the long and elegant from Shamaeel or the short and flirty from Amishi, this season’s Kaftans are style statements
  Faiza Samee

Shamaeel  Amishi
The Tunics:
Nothing says summer like Lala Rafiq’s resort wear collection, her tunics strike a west-coast-Boho vibe that makes your toes ache for a sandy beach.
Lala Rafiq 

 Sanam Chaudhri’s tunics in Ice cold pastels will keep you looking cool and comfortable even as the weather heats up. For a sleeker city look, Insam and Natasha Kamal’s tunics in black and white will take you from meeting to dinner without breaking a sweat.
 Sanam Chaudhri
Insam Natasha Kamal

For an every-day budget-friendly option Shehrnaz, Generation
and Limelight’s cotton kurtas are perfect for the classic Kurta/Jeans combo - switch your Jooti Shooti Khussas for a pair of heels and dress it all up with Vanessa Heaney’s Moon Statement Earrings and you are ready to step out

Generation Vanessa Heaney

The Pants:
Skinny, straight or flared, you can never go wrong with your favourite pair of jeans
Cigarette pants combined with ballet flats will you that Hepburn vibe that never goes old. Ego’s black pants and Yasmin Zaman’s white pants with lace detailing are staples for any closet.

 For an avant-garde look, check out Sania Maskatiya raw sill Palazzos – the pearl detailing will have your friends drooling with envy
 Sania Maskatiya
Culottes are of course the vibe of the season: Tena Durrani’s Cara Raw silk Culottes will dress up any tunic. For a daytime look Generation’s white Essentials Culottes are just that: Essential!
Tena Durrani 

Girls this is the time to strike a pose with the best of our desi style. Dress-over-pants? let’s show them how it’s done, PK style!

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