Six years of innovation and expansion, collaborations with several multi-brand stores across Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, countless exhibitions, a constant aspiration to redefine style - this is Insam, the luxury label that has become synonymous with timeless chic. Known for its sharply-tailored cuts, crisp lines and sleek silhouettes, our clothing offers excellence in quality as well as workmanship. We pride ourselves on our particular sartorial aesthetic and were  pioneers in reviving the dying art of ajrak through our innovative creations in fusion wear. We are equally adept at incorporating an unmistakably Western flavour into our creations. In its short lifespan, Insam has managed to develop a huge online customer base. We have recently opened our first shopping outlet in Bukhari Commercial from where prêt-wear can be bought off the rack. We also accept orders for custom-made outfits by appointment.