Sanam Chaudhri

It’s taken about nine years to carry Sanam Chaudhri from forging a fashion house to becoming the pride of Pakistan herself. With each new development in enterprise and artistry, her clothing brand continues to unfold the multi-faceted charm of a SANAM CHAUDHRI woman. Preserving and promoting her country’s culture has always dominated Sanam’s ambition, both personal and professional. Although her design focus has mainly been eastern wear, Sanam has also delved successfully into global couture. This has enabled her to stock popular boutiques and exhibit in London, Dubai, Delhi, and Singapore.  The SANAM CHAUDHRI clientele spans all ages; from the vivacious radical to the romantic traditionalist, each finding a perfect fit for her personality and lifestyle. Over the years, Sanam’s design philosophy and native aesthetic have conjoined to echo a particular sensibility; that allure lays in what remains an enigma, and that what is most enduring is a woman’s inner poise.