Half An Hour With The Beautiful Ayesha Omar

or the effervescent Ayesha Omar family is her lifeline…

Your mother’s most endearing habit?
Recently, her Whatsapp texts and the way she uses various emojis. And generally, the way she makes sure she doesn’t make any noise to wake me up, if I’m sleeping late.

Your favourite kind of conversation with your sibling?
The kind when we talk about good foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Best kind of holiday together as a family?
Going up to Nathiagali was lovely. I grew up in Lahore and we would go up to the mountains in the summer, usually with my Phuppo and cousins for at least two or three weeks.

One favourite childhood memory in your Lahore home?
Bathing in the rain in the Monsoon season! Oh my God, that is the best thing about Lahore; we would all be out on the streets!

A fad from your youth your mother did not like much?
Body piercings is something which wasn’t very palatable to her.

Which grandparent were you closest to and why?
I was closest to my Nani because my other grandparents passed away when I was very young.

Extended family: Who is a favourite and why?
I have a lot of cousins, and I can’t pick a favourite really, but mostly from my paternal side, some cousins are closer now that we have grown up.

Friends like family: Who would that be and why?
One set is my best friends, my six girlies! They are like my sisters and I grew up with them in Lahore – we are a tightly knit unit. In Karachi, my flatmates! We’ve lived together for 12 years now; I wouldn’t call them friends, they are family.

What is it that you miss most about family when you’re away?
Enjoying family meals, cooking together, or sitting and chit-chatting for hours.

What is the first thing you do when you reach home?
I hug my mother, sit down and eat something or have a cup of tea with her. And in Karachi, I change into my PJs and play with my dog.

What are your own family goals?
I’m a domesticated homebody, although it may not seem so. While I am also social, I love being at home, cleaning things, tidying up, decorating. One day, I hope to start a family of my own, have two or three kids, a few animals, a dog, a cat, some fish, maybe some birds, a vegetable garden, and maybe live a little away from the city where there is less pollution.