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Introducing Hussain Rehar on, whose made an incredible mark in the fashion fraternity – Inspired by nature, Rehar creates fantasies of his own which reflect the imagination and its fascinations. His work consists of crisp lines, minimal aesthetic and colours that pop. It mimics the transient beauty of nature which exhumes un-compromised strength. He also uses modern sensitivity to create unique & feminine pieces for contemporary women. 

Hailing from Gujranwala, Rehar came to Lahore for his bachelor’s degree in fashion and design from Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design. After his degree, he started working at Elan for Sapphire and Elan’s menswear. His aesthetic is very contemporary and modern.

Hussain Rehar’s collection represents contemporary fashion with clean cut along with distinctive aesthetics. Nature has been a constant source of inspiration. The color palette ranges from melted shades of pastels with vibrant explosion of colours. This collection mimics the transient beauty of nature which exhumes un-compromised strength. He used modern sensitivity to create unique & feminine pieces for contemporary women. The techniques used are time honoured couture techniques. Artisan’s techniques are used with intricate 3D embroideries to create ethereal & timeless aesthetics with masterfully crafted relationship between thread & create fabric. We have used expert craftsmanship & intricate appliqué detailing which is innately consistent with a pret-a-porter collection.

It births the modern minimalistic designs inspired by patterns filed with botanical elements composed of both flora & fauna.

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