“Women Must Feel Empowered From Within”- Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza, who has been an advocate for women empowerment will soon be embracing motherhood. She recently voiced that it won’t make much of a change unless and until women feel empowered within, according to Hindustan Times.

The tennis super-star also spoke about how people should celebrate the birth of a baby girl the same way they do as of a baby boy.

“It is very difficult to get rid of something that has been a part of people’s mindset from probably the very beginning. Equality, for me, is that as woman, you have to believe that you are no less than anyone,” she said.

“There are women in this world who don’t believe that they are equal to men. There are even many who believe that they deserve to get beaten up by their husbands. And they probably don’t say anything because they don’t have the courage to fight back,” she further added.

“If women believe that they are equal, that will only make for a better world.”

“Being equal does not mean doing the same things like a man. This is not a competition and such things do not determine if men are better than women or otherwise. It’s about having equal opportunities and respect in life,” Sania said.

“I have always been for equality. This concern is not confined to one country, state or race. The fact that even today, players like Serena Williams are having to justify equal pay, shows that we don’t live in an equal world. I would love to see people celebrate in the same way when a girl is born, much like when a boy is born. That’s how we become an equal world,” she concluded.