A Fashion Gift Guide For Him

They say, “The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than its value.” Getting a perfect gift for the most perfect man in your life can sometimes get a little tricky. 

Special Feature: Sapphire Lawn

Lawn is the most preferred summers fabric in Pakistan and brands that offer high quality lawn, win our hearts within a matter of seconds. Sapphire is a high end brand that offers supreme quality lawn and cotton garments, perfect for everyday use, even parties.

Top 3 Latest Fashion Trends for Summer 2017

Every year we see eye catching trends on the runway and street style also plays a big part of our fashion look book for the season. Here are a few trends that came back and went viral throughout Pakistan.

Top Stylish Items To Wear To A Wedding

Sania Maskatiya’s Indian Net Hand Worked and Embroidered Shirt with Pants will make a statement at any wedding. The neckline of this shirts embellished with dazzling stones, buttons and floral patterns with tissue finishing on the hemline is very graceful. It comes with silk pants that add to this graceful attire.

Special Feature: Aywa London - The Modest Wear

Today's era is all about brands and latest trends. Its the necessity of time and every woman has the right to look her best. If she chooses to practice modesty, she can carry herself well by choosing the right clothing pieces.

Studio by TCS now provides its customers with unique luxury Abayas by Aywa London

How to Pick the Right Accessories to Match Your Outfit

Accessories can make or break your outfit. So how do you pick the right accessory to match with your outfit? Follow these simple steps and you will look like a star for any occasion. Studio by TCS has a wide selection of accessories designed by top designers.

How To Find Budget Friendly Casual Wear

Casual clothing comes in handy on a daily basis. There's nothing more comfortable than clothes that you can wear either every day or to semi-formal events. Studio by TCS has some budget friendly options for you today. There's nothing like a good sale on your favourite clothing items. 

Ultimate Mother's Day Sale Gift Ideas

As Mother’s Day is just around the corner, we need to take out our money boxes and plan out something unforgettable for the most special lwoman in our life. Giving her a nice little present along with breakfast in bed is a fool proof idea to bring a smile to her face. Here, we have shortlisted a few items that would make the perfect mother’s day gift.

How to Choose a Stylish Handbag

No outfit is complete without a handbag and accessories. A handbag adds a fashionable statement and Studio by TCS is here to help you find the perfect handbag for any occasion.

How to Dress From Desk to Dinner

We all struggle to juggle life between work and social commitments. Where weekends are usually for family, weekdays can be set aside for friends. The best time to catch up with friends is after work. Studio by TCS is here to help you with easy to follow tips making you appear your best from desk to dinner.