How To Organise & Detox Your Wardrobe

March 09, 2017

Natasha Kundi

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Its always nice to have lots of clothes as it gives you a lot of variety to choose from. But at the same time, having so many clothes can be quite frustrating. You may find yourself neglecting clothes that are not in fashion anymore. Thus, its causing a clutter not just in your wardrobe and your room but also in your mind. Its effecting your productivity in daily life so as they say 'clean home clean mind', its time to take charge and get rid of the clutter. organise & detox wardrobe
What you really need is to organise & detox your wardrobe. You can give your cupboard a revamp in no time by following some simple steps. 
organise & detox wardrobe
organise & detox wardrobe

5 Steps To Organise & Detox Your Closet

The first and most important step is start ridding your wardrobe of unwanted clothing. Start by sorting out your attire into different heaps on the bed:
  • Clothing you have used recently 
  • Clothing you have not worn for years, the likeliness is that you will not wear them again
  • Clothing that does not fit you
  • Clothing items that do not fit in with the rest of your attire
  • Garments that make you feel great when you wear them 
    By sorting them out into small heaps, you are able to rid your closet of unwanted clothing more efficiently.  
    organise & detox wardrobe

    After Care Of Your Wardrobe

    Once you have sorted out your attire, its time to arrange your wardrobe by colour and item style (dresses, pants etc.) This helps you to get a system going, making it easier for you to match clothing items in no time. This in turn, also helps to identify the big gaps in the closet. The best way to organise is to hang up the majority of your clothing. This makes it easier for you to grab it rather than digging into piles of clothes. 
    The best way to get rid of your old clothes is to donate them to a charity.


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