What is the Latest Fashion Trend in Pakistan?

When you’re looking for the latest and greatest in Pakistani fashion online, you want to make sure that not only are you choosing outfits that suit your style and personality, but that also make sure you don’t look too old-fashioned. Pakistani fashion is constantly updating thanks to different evolutions in style across the world. Here, we’re going to look at some of the latest trends and what you can do to meet them.

Going medium length

One style that has become much more commonly seen as of late is the medium length shirt, especially with a pair of single coloured cigarette pants. This style has been popular for a couple of years now, but lately, we’re starting to see a focus on more colourful and elaborate designs. There is a wide range of cuts and styles of medium length shirts, but these are largely being prized for their practicality and ease of wear.

These are being paired more often with cigarette pants, which are bottoms that have a slim silhouette and have a straight cut to knee to ankle. Typically, they reach down to ankle length, ending just above the ankle bone itself.. They’re called “cigarette pants” because of the cut's straightness, looking modern while not being too form-fitting at the same time.

Incorporating international designs

Western wear is becoming a lot more accessible and acceptable in everyday Pakistan clothing for both men and women. However, Pakistani fashion is also evolving to incorporate more western patterns and cuts in traditional Pakistani wear. This is, in large part, thanks to the Pakistani diaspora and how far spread we are across the world, taking inspiration from local fashions and partnering them with more traditional looks.

This doesn’t mean that Pakistani designers are abandoning desi and daily wear, but rather that they’re starting to adapt them, with bolder colours, more western print designs, and new cuts that offer a more international look to the average woman’s wardrobe which would not look out of place in London, New York or Milan.

Pakistani fashion

Let it flow

While these have always been popular for wedding wear and more formal occasions, we’re starting to see a lot more women wearing long and flowy dresses and robes for general appearances in public, as well. There is a femininity and a grace to outfits like the traditional salwar kameez that is striking a chord with the average Pakistani woman, or so it would seem.

These pieces offer fantastic comfort and cover the whole body while also allowing the wearer to experiment with all sorts of fabrics and designs. Another significant benefit of the shalwar kameez is that it can be customised and adapted in a dozen different ways, so you can make sure that it suits not only your shape but your sense of style, as well.

More casual designer lawn pieces

Lawn fashion is a big part of Pakistani fashion, especially in the Summer when it dominates all the magazines, blogs, etc. However, recently, there has been a change in lawn brands. Specifically, since a lot more people have become financially savvy with their spending due to a general economic slump, lawn fashion designers have had to be a lot more conscious of the budget of their buyers.

As such, designer lawn fashion is becoming not only cheaper but more simplistic, seeing fewer of the complex designs and elaborate prints that have been a hallmark of the style for far too long.

Bridal wear is coming apart at the seams

This doesn’t mean that bridal wear is any less popular than ever, of course. However, there is one trend that sees a difference in the formality and traditions of usually sticking with designer lawn collection bridal wear. With the lowering popularity of lawn collections in general, Pakistani bridal fashion is centred more on unstitched wedding wear.

This relatively casual approach to bridal wear is already turning heads, but luxury brands are moving in fast, with more elaborate and gorgeous designs coming out to head up this summer season.

Rise of the chunri dresses

There are a few other traditional styles that have been out of fashion for a while but seem to be coming back with a vengeance. However, the one that is catching the most attention is that of chunri dresses. The summer collections of 2020 were full of gorgeous chunri dresses and we expect the same to be true ot 2021 as well.

This strong reflection of Asian culture and focus on eastern wear has been seen across the board in Pakistani fashion houses but, as mentioned above, is incorporating a lot more inspiration from the west in terms of bolder, brighter colours and new cuts.

What’s old is new again

Fashion is cyclical and things that have fallen out of style are destined to come back eventually. At the moment, we’re seeing the cycle renew with dupatta. While once seemingly replaced by the popularity of long shirts, this style has been appearing on more catwalks and red carpet events as of late, which is a good sign it’s back in style.

The same can be said for khussa, which has never quite gone out of style but is becoming slightly more popular as of late. These pants go with all manner of formal and casual wear.

It’s not all bold

While bold and bright colours might be in, so too are the pastels that many find is a perfect highlight for the femininity of Pakistani clothing for girls, young women, and more sophisticated lady. These are likely to remain popular throughout all of the Summer when such light colours are best shown off with the designer lawn collections coming out.

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