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14 products

14 products

About us:

WOV is a ready- to- wear fashion brand that is made for women and men. Specializing in easy to wear formal and luxury wear, the cornerstone of the brand is its dedication to the dying art of hand embroidery and hand crafts. Building on the foundation of the family garment legacy in export, WOV is the first foray into the retail market in Pakistan. WOV's core values and quality stitching is a throwback of international garment standards and procedures.

Design Philosophy:

“Expedience is vital in today’s world and we concentrate on marrying architecture, grace and comfort to give our customers the very best of who they are. We believe fashion is the greatest tool of self-expression and in order to share that joy with everyone, we strive to satiate while respecting modern functionality. WOV is for the dreamers, the believers, and the conquerors in all of us.”