See How Imran Khan Through The Years Won All Style Goals

  1. Kaptaan in full swing

Our Kaptaan set the fields on fire/captivated the audience with not only his great sportsmanship and team spirit, but also his spruced up style (on the field). Wasn’t he a treat for the eyes ladies?

  1. Hipster Immy

Hipster Immy K jazzing it up with the old school shag and that chunky mustard jumper. Khan here is oozing of that seventies vintage vibe.

  1. Well, hello sunnies!

Donning this cool pair of sunnies, Imran Khan is definitely throwing some serious shade at his contemporaries with his bang on-trend style sense.

  1. Waistcoat & Prints

Showcasing his sartorial self, this image of Imran Khan is worth making Instagram awash in no time. Looking trim in a printed shirt and a smart waistcoat, he is an eye candy!

  1. Sherwani done right!

No one sports a sherwani like Khan Sahab. Here is another blast from the past of dapper-boy khan by sporting a sophisticated sherwani paired with an embellished waistcoat on his wedding with ex-wife, Jemima Khan.

  1. Suit on point

Often besuited in a sartorial blazer or a tailored suit in his earlier days, Khan has been a major style inspiration for Pakistani men and heartthrob for the ladies. Epitome of timeless elegance indeed.

  1. Pashtun in Pakol

Your hearts will definitely skip a beat with this picture of Imran Khan. Going back to his Pashtun roots, Khan adds ethnic flavour to his look with the traditional afghan Pakol, a soft round-topped wool hat that rests on the head like a beret.

  1. Leather jacket & muffler

Our boy Khan looks striking, sporting the leather jacket complemented with a muffler to give them winter fashion goals! This impeccable look from couple of years ago became quite popular amongst the youth of the nation.

  1. Channelling Jinnah’s Topi

Khan broke the internet in full swing when spotted wearing the fur Karakul aka ‘Jinnah Cap’. After being honoured Jinnah’s Topi, Khan gave tribute to the father of the nation addressing the lawyers on his visit to the Karachi Bar Association. Seeing Khan channelling Jinnah’s style and vibe the Twitterati were on fire. Some loved it, some didn’t. We think Khan aced it!

  1. Siyasat in Style

Khan gave some serious style goals to urban desi population throughout the years. Often seen making a statement in the classic white-on-white or all black shalwar kameez and jazzing it up with a PTI scarf, Khan beats the Instagram models people swoon over. He has made the PTI scarf a wardrobe essential amongst his youthia followers. #siyasatinstyle